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Being an entrepreneur, in times of crisis


What would you do if you were excused from work tomorrow? This is the question that many people ask at this point, since there are no longer jobs for life or insurance, and that the cuts threaten to continue in business.

Unemployment is, as we know, a fearful reality, especially after a certain age, in which the replacement labor market becomes more difficult. Currently, some companies choose to hire contractors and / or freelance workers, reducing fixed costs with staff.

Given this situation, that concerns everyone, you must acquire new attitudes, change attitudes and make an effort to adapt. One way to face the crisis which we live, is to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude. That is, transforming the experience, competence, talent, and expertise in business. How? Becoming an entrepreneur and knowing sell themselves.

In fact, many people who worked as employees become entrepreneurs and offer their services to the market. Company Administrator, journalist, computer programmer, economist, teacher, cook, banking, designer ... has professional qualifications and work experience, you can open a micro enterprise, or if you do not take risks, you can sell your services.

To embark on this lifestyle, it is necessary to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude, take risks, gain customers, do marketing personnel and, above all, provide a competent service and quality. In short, fight!

And what's in it? First, get rid of the ghost of unemployment, a major concern of those who work. Furthermore, it may have their own schedules, and in some cases better gain. But the big advantage is the autonomy achieved. The fact realize that anywhere, under any circumstances, is able to self-finance their talents, their skills and their abilities ... there is nothing that gives more security.