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Design trends for 2013



There are less than 10 weeks for 2013, but design trends for the new year are already being made ​​by different experts. If summarize these trends, especially when referring to the colors, it can be said that bold, bright and beautiful are the three keywords.

While bright and strong colors have been popular in recent years as a way to keep people excited, especially within the gray economy, this trend will have even greater intensity in 2013.



The tones are not actually as bright as neon, but has the same intensity. Among the colors are high in orange, lime green, turquoise and magenta tropical. These colors work when applied in neutral surfaces and furniture that requires the predominance of only one color. For the more adventurous, these colors are applied on carpets or furniture details and other accessories.

The Pantone has also presented trends palettes in different spheres of design. Architects, designers and graphic designers always tend to be aligned in these notes. On its website, the Pantone also brings other highlights for 2013 for each branch in particular. Check out the main palettes indicated:



Design inspiration in the Art Deco era, which is already taking shape in 2012, comes with everything in 2013. Clean lines, geometric shapes and bold colors are some of these trends. In most daring projects, other features of the 1920 and 1930 have anything to topple.



Some graphics are also much in evidence next year are wolves and horses; references to pop art, sculptural feeling, classical forms and traditional styles; Hollywood design; greenish yellow tones paired with coral, pink, melon and terracotta; purposes and neon colors (coming in 2012); colored metals, and parts using sanfonados details.



Trends in webdesign

For web design, trends come pegged the popularization of mobile platforms for web browsing. The main emphasis is on account of branding, which will make more space on the internet.

It is common knowledge that a company with business vision want your brand to be perceived and that people are able to recognize your brand within seconds. In 2013 the merger is expected around projects upon brand and not mere sites of developments. The designers have to translate business through the site and this trend should last for a long time.



The Responsive Webdesign also be high, as it avoids situations where it is necessary to redesign the layout of a website to adapt to different platforms, reacting according to the size of the device used.


As for the visuals in web design, the main advance in 2013 will be in typography. Designers have a good variety of sources to choose from, however, only the selection of typography is no longer enough. The typography will increasingly part of all project sites, making images and icons are not the only resource to be exploited.

In navigation, scrolling vertical remains strong, even with the rise shy of pages with horizontal scrolling. Vertical scrolling is easy, convenient, friendly and efficient, especially on mobile devices. The novelty is the scrolling menus and buttons. When a user moves the page, the menus should roll with it, so no need to go over the top to access them. The same goes for shopping carts and social buttons.



The Parallax Scrolling should also spread in 2013. For designers, this technique requires a navigation control depth of design objects designed on site. For those who surf, a very rich experience, as can be seen in this link.


Trends do not guarantee success

The key to the analysis of design trends is to remember that they are not inherently good or bad. Instead, they serve only as a way to observe and remember the collective tastes of bygone eras. Thus, they are a fantastic history lesson of how styles have evolved over the years. And the best: when actually work, resurface.