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Six digital marketing trends in 2013


1. Mobility and responsive sites

According to
IDC's projection, Brazil will be the fourth largest market for smartphones in the world by 2016, which means more people accessing the Internet through mobile devices. Sign that we must begin now to adapt your website to be easily accessed on mobile phones and tablets. New technologies now allow to easily develop websites "responsive", which automatically adjust the size of your pages on screen being displayed.

According to Larry Allen, VP of business development of the Group RealMedia, a concern must be the speed of loading. Each second more load is less than 7% conversion.

2. E-commerce Laptop

The recommendations
are worth about mobility especially for e-commerce sites. According to the Chamber e-Net, there was a growth of 400% on purchases for phones and tablets only in the first half of 2012, and those numbers should continue growing rapidly in the coming years. The challenge is to adapt their retail stores for mobile devices, so that they have the same ease of access, payment and shipping their versions for desktop and notebooks.

3. Content touch

The huge
success of touch technology started with the iPhone, which extended to the iPad and now dominates mobile devices tends to be assimilated also for desktops and notebooks, as already hinted at Microsoft with Windows 8. The challenge for companies is therefore adapt content to this new format. This means thinking in innovative ways for people to access and interact with text, images, photos and videos. Larry Allen, RealMedia Group, stands as an example of this new trend the site Flipboard, a social network where each user customizes both sources also the format in which they are presented.

4. TV + Internet + social networks

According to the study
of Social TV Ibope Nielsen Online, one in six Brazilian surf the Internet while watching television. This behavior has a great impact on the interaction between the media content and the viewer / surfer. Offer can see on TV and immediately do a search to compare prices, or exchange ideas with friends on social networks about the chapter of the novel while watching, allowing to know the different degrees of interest in the plot and the characters.

5. Strategic marketing

Dealing with
this new scenario also requires changes in the management of digital marketing. Will Margiloff, CEO of Ignition One, points out that the area gets strategic role and tends to establish as goals: simplify and integrate technology platforms (such as the various social networks); plan, develop and carry out actions in order to create synergy instead of focusing on certain channels, and make use of data obtained through business intelligence tools and CRM.

6. Games and applications

The power
of retention, engagement and viralization games always represented a huge potential for marketing, but was restricted to the relatively small universe of players. But the popularization of the Internet, the launch of the Nintendo Wii (which revolutionized the concept of electronic games, making it simple and affordable for people of all ages), the explosion of social networks and smartphones and tablets has transformed gaming as a resource perfect for companies and brands interact with their customers and potential customers.

Despite being the fourth largest market of gamers in the world, with 61 million players only on the Internet, advergames initiatives are still quite shy, which opens up a huge potential opportunities for companies that invest in this dynamic form of digital marketing.