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Portals are websites that provide links to websites within a particular subject area. Unlike directories that have links to various thematic areas depending on the category selected.

By creating a portal for your company it is the measure of your business requirements and can deliver content to their business partners / collaborators.

Such content may contain images, videos, services, products, organized by areas and research systems and structure that aims to ease of access to information.

Key features of the portal

The update and maintenance of the entire portal, including pages, links, banners, etc. It can be performed by users with no programming knowledge. In any location with internet access. This possibility makes this tool beyond functional, quick, practical and time saving.

The interaction allows the visitor to interact with the website visitor, through surveys, questions, such as requests for information, requests for contact, sharing on social networks, etc..

The system features a search engine, in which the user can enter a few words and quickly find the content they want to see banners and links.

Banners and links allow for even greater dynamism and movement to the site by placing banner advertisements, for example on the home page, which appear alternately and randomly.

You can publish the news this option allows you to easily publishing what is happening in the institutional life of the relevant company, may join the news by category to highlight the news summary on the field and put a headline that is not more than the header lines of news. You can manage your news by date, allowing the provision of such an automatic way the date is available, is removed or if it is present.


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