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SEM - Search Engine Marketing


You can have the best website, but if no one finds in search engines like Google, will never see grow your business.

You must create
a strategy for optimizing the site in search engines.

Publicidade na Internet – Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a Google program that lets you create small advertisements to appear on the site Google and the Google content network.



What are the major advantages of a system of betting Cost per Click (CPC - Google adwords)?

  • The ad appears only when the user makes search on a particular topic or product. Soon we have more qualified leads;

  • Allows for ad targeting (region, language);

  • Controlled costs;

  • Easily calculated ROI;

  • Allows monitoring and evaluation diary;

  • Possibility of campaigns adapted at any time in order to increase the ROI.

Google AdWords offers a high degree of flexibility and control, is an especially effective marketing tool to help advertisers generate leads and increase brand recognition.

What are the services provided in the service Search Engine Marketing?

  • Creation of ads;
  • Support for campaign keyword generation;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of campaigns through the use of web analytics tools (eg Google Analytics).


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