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SEO - Search Engine Optimization


The process of creating a website is complex and requires expertise from various fields (internet, web design, database, marketing, etc.).

It's not enough being on the web or having a good design!

To ensure that a website is an investment and not a cost to your business you need to create a site that:

  • Convey the image of your company;
  • Be guided to your customer;
  • Observe the rules of usability, navigability and accessibility;
  • Is well positioned in the search engines!


What are the services provided in the service Search Engine Optimization?

  • Evaluation of the position of your site against the competition and report delivery.
  • Evaluation of your website and report improvement proposals in the following items:
    • Positioning in the major search engines;
    • Analysis of usability and navigability of the site;
    • Analysis of site content, keywords, among other criteria;
    • Policy Review links.
  • Service optimization site - full service in which evaluate your site, your strategy and your competition and implement the necessary measures to ensure that your site gets better positioned in search engines.


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